Who Wanna Be a Bimbo?

Is a bimbo transformation quiz. The game has a format of a game show, the player is a brave and a bit naive contestant who answers various trivia questions and either wins a large amount of money or gets transformed into a bimbo.

The game was made to test possibilities of Dynamic Avatar Drawer but after years of development, it includes a rather large amount of content - 65 transformations, most of them animated, 72 diverse categories with over 3000 questions and 15 major branches of epilogues, revealing what happened the (un)lucky contestants after the show.

The game provides quick simple educative fun and thanks to high customizability and procedurally generated content also extensive replayability.

Play Online Download (MediaFire) WWBB: Male player after several transformation WWBB: Originaly male player transformed into female WWBB: Example of map-based question WWBB: Example of image-based question